Literal Attack Ad

Can we really afford 4 more years of Kirk Deegal?

Direction, Editing, Graphics: Kristopher Knight
Narrated by Gabe Morrison
Featuring Mitra Jouhari
with Jerome Villegas & Andrew Santiago

Creature Feature

Here is the other story from our anthology pilotĀ Outside the InnerĀ Limits. It’s a horror comedy mash up of The Thing and War of the Worlds based on a play that I wrote with Mike Klasek, Morgan Lord, and Phil Meister, and it’s directed by Kristopher Knight.

Murder She Joked

One of the two stories we shot for the anthology pilot Outside the Inner Limits.

Exquisite Corpse (pilot)

I co-wrote and acted in this independent TV pilot. It was an official selection of the New York Television Festival.

Jeffrey Jeffries Promos

These are some of my favorite videos. Promos for our Sketchfest show The Mystery Box.

And, as a bonus treat, here’s the opening video from the live show.

Jeffrey Jeffries Promos 2012

Here are the ads for Jeffrey Jeffries – After The Aliens: A Symposium of Rebuilding Society Now That The Alien Occupation is Over…Really, We’re Sure of it This Time.