Braingystics at Fringe!

Jared and Peyton return to the Fringe by shear force of will!

Warning: Reading this description is legally considered consent to rewire your brain! Most humans only use 10% of their brain! Who is using the other 90%?! We will teach you to regain your brain from these Mind Thieves, and lease it back… at a profit! If you attend this limited-engagement symposium you will: 1. Learn the power of Mindualization! 2. Unlock the secret patterns of the universe! 3. Remove even the toughest stains with our patented miracle fibre! That’s the power of Braingystics: The new science of Knowing without Thinking!™


Info here.


Sunday March 19th, Peyton Brown and I will be reading our original scifi-mystery-comedy pilot script Solutions Limited along with a cast of friends from the Second City and elsewhere. Also being presented are Annie Donley’s script 1-900-WET-TIME and Jeff Murdoch’s Watson Inc.

It’s all at the Zephyr Theatre in Los Angeles. Details HERE.


Murder She Joked at NYTVF

Murder She Joked, a pilot I created and produced with Phil Meister and Morgan Lord will screen at the New York Television Festival on Saturday, Oct. 29th.
The show follows standup-detective Gina Palamano as she uses her skill at early-90’s-style observational humor to solve murders. We’re very excited for the pilot to be part of such an amazing festival.

Tickets available HERE

Creature Feature at CIC Theater

Set in 1938 on a radio station, it’s Creature Feature Radio Hour. As the show goes live from coast-to-coast for the first time to bring “The Wolfman of Mummy Island” to life before the audience’s ears, the studio is intruded upon by a strange and malevolent extraterrestrial force with the ability to change shape. No one is safe, and everyone is a suspect. The cast may be killing each other, but “the show must go on!”

Directed by Mark Logsdon
Written by Jared Jeffries, Phil Meister, Mike Klasek, Morgan Lord
Featuring Jared Jeffries, Phil Meister, Mike Klasek, Morgan Lord, Emma Pope, Brian Biancardi and Bill Stern
Stage Managed by Sarah Borer

Fridays & Saturdays, October 4th – November 2nd @ 8pm at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy

Exqusite Corpse (the stage show) at Annoyance

Exquisite Corpse is pure, uncut sketch that takes the audience through a mixed salad of overlapping and intermingling realities, worlds within worlds, and tangents of other tangents. People and places range from the real and logical to the mythological and bizarre. Some have likened the experience to “watching a dream.”

This version of the show features the Be Good Boys!

Sundays | July 7- August 18 |8:00PM | $10 ($5 students)

KAC at Just for Laughs Chicago

I’ll be performing with Kill All Comedy as part of the Chicago branch of the Just For Laughs festival! The show is on Saturday, June 15, at Stage 773 at 8:30pm.