Fringe Audience Raves!


Back from Edinburgh and the crowds that were sober enough to know wtf was going on love the show! Check out these glowing reviews from punters who wrote audience reviews on Actual praise from real-life British people! I’m overjoyed! Why, if I had made these up myself, I would have toned them down! Really! I didn’t even leave any out. Take a look:

“An absolute comedy masterclass. From start to finish they keep you attentive and intrigued by playing perfectly with absurd humour as well as maintaining character flawlessly. They’re honestly a breath of fresh air and their praises cant be sung highly enough. 9/10 cant wait to see what they produce next.”

“Absolutely fabulous show! Funny, witty and very well written. Different to anything I’ve ever seen, would 10/10 recommend.”

“Really loved this show. I didn’t know what to expect but these guys are super fast, really funny and wonderful actors. The show is absurd and excellent. Their timing is impeccable.”

“Freaky! Super funny, if you’re in the right mood, sharp enough to catch all the jokes, and tolerant enough of absurd. Gives some vibes like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. I absolutely loved it.”

“Kind of hard to describe because there’s nothing else like it. Sort of a two-man vaudeville act with laser-focused jokes, whipsmart gags, and quite possibly the most disgusting monologue in all of Fringe, maybe ever.”