Comedy LP on Bandcamp

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The long, long, long in the making LP A Gift You Didn’t Ask For From Friends You Never Had is available to order through bandcamp.


This is a collaboration between myself and Peyton Brown (Claymore/Exquisite Corpse) with some voice acting help from some very talented friends.
It’s a long-form, stream-of-consciousness concept album only available as a 12″ vinyl record. It’s very ambitious and made to be worth taking up valuable space in your home. Enjoy.

Kill All Comedy Vol. 1 Available on Bandcamp

Here’s an old project that I’m still really proud of and wish more people would hear: Kill All Comedy Volume One. I produced this record with Steph Cook and Joey Dundale and it features some of my favorite pieces by some of my favorite performers, all of whom died that night in a tragic, but ultimately unavoidable fire. It was recorded live at the Upstairs Gallery in Chicago. I’ve made it available on Bandcamp so it has a permanent home.

Featuring Be Good Boys (Mike Brunlieb, Andrew Tisher), Anthony Oberbeck, Conner O’Malley, Gary Richardson Jo Scott, TV Screams (Steph Cook and Joey Dundale) and catering by Jared Jeffries. Check it out:

Alphabet Town Available on Bandcamp

The whole first series of my serial radio comedy is available on Bandcamp as one downloadable album. And it’s still free. Check it out.